Member Advocacy

Personalized care when your employees need it most.

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A more connected healthcare experience

When employees need help navigating coverage, finding a doctor or have general benefits questions, we are ready to help.

Your employees’ one-stop benefits resource

One-on-One Guidance

Our dedicated Advisors help them and their families navigate care and coverage.

Proactive Support

We use real-time claims data to inform them of valuable benefits and options.

Healthcare Navigation

Advisors provide savings opportunities at the earliest point of intervention.

Empowered Members

Members make educated choices based on easy access to experts, plan information and care options.

How it works

Powered by employee-centric technology

We use predictive data to anticipate employee needs. That means earlier intervention, more savings opportunities and better health outcomes.

A user-friendly portal inspires employees to become smart consumers. With all health information available at their fingertips, they can access claims information, price transparency tools and digital ID cards from anywhere.