EHR Software

Power corporate wellness programs and clinics with the platform built specifically for improving employee health.

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Software designed specifically for employer health programs.

Healthgram’s proprietary Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, is built specifically for managing employee health programs. Employer sponsored health insurance and wellness initiatives often encompass multiple vendors, which can cause fragmented data connectivity and fractured clinical communication. Our software integrates health data from multiple sources, in a user-friendly EHR format, for more effective employer healthcare delivery. Now, more necessary than ever.

Key Features

  • Integration of medical and Rx claims, biometric screening and lab data into one, secure system
  • User-friendly EHR structure
  • Strategic identification of highest risk patients and population focus areas through real-time analytics
  • Cloud-based
  • Built-in self-scheduling platform with appointment reminders for patients
  • Electric prescribe capabilities and electronic lab ordering features for employer health clinics
  • On-demand reporting and analytics
IPad - Healthgram Software

Your health program, elevated.

For Clinicians

Comprehensive health records power convenient and seamless care in onsite and near-site clinics.

For Health Coaches

Help employees reach health goals with proactive alerts and user-friendly progress tracking.

For Employers

Run the customized wellness and clinic programs that keep your employees at their best.

An integrated care platform that makes data actionable.

Our EHR software brings healthcare simplicity to your fingertips by connecting all data in one place. Most importantly, our software equips clinicians, health coaches and employers with the data needed, in the format required, to maximize their health program and outcomes.

Features that drive meaningful care

  • 360° predictive risk analysis

    Risk stratification helps direct care where it's needed most.

  • Real-time tracking and reporting

    Actionable analytics quickly identifies gaps and population health trends.

  • User-friendly interface

    Intuitive design saves time and prioritizes personalized care.

Ongoing innovation & upgrades

Smart strategies never stagnate. Our proprietary EHR software provides the transparency, control, and confidence to keep your health programs ahead in an ever-changing market. A one-of-a-kind EHR built for your needs.