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About Healthgram

Invest in a better healthcare solution. Your own.

By the numbers

Year-over-year client retention

Years building employer healthcare solutions

Serving members in all 50 states

We are healthcare innovators

Employee healthcare is too important to be left to passive management and fragmented systems. We create the customized solutions employers need to stay ahead of an ever-changing healthcare landscape. Why? Because your employees count on you. So we make sure you can count on us to improve your bottom line and the health of your workforce, one employee at a time.

And expert partners

Our team brings over 40 years of industry knowledge to your business needs. We’re plan specialists. Clinicians. Claims analysts. Medical professionals. All working together to provide you and your employees trusted guidance when it’s needed most.

Committed to your good health

Healthgram companies achieve more because we’re built differently. We work squarely on the side of employers on one integrated system, becoming partners in managing your most important investment: The health of your company and its employees.

Let's get healthier together

We’ll help you create a fundamentally better way to provide the best healthcare to your people.

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