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Trends to Watch

Today’s innovations are tomorrow’s best practices. We're here to help you stay ahead.

A self-funded compliance checklist for 2019

Read on for an overview of form filing deadlines and annual communications for self-funded health plans.


Managing claims expense: The opportunity for self-funded employers

Self-funded companies have more control over claims cost, but network discounts can only go so far.


After the tipping point: An outlook for self-funded healthcare in 2019

Following a year of disruption, we break down five trends that will impact employers in the year ahead.


How to measure health plan success

An HR and CFO perspective on the metrics that matter to self-funded employers.


Monitoring authorized alternatives in the PBM market

Specialty drugs may account for up to 40% of employer spend by 2020. Will authorized alternatives disrupt the trend?


How HR can communicate popular 2019 benefits changes

Three ways companies will aim to curb spending and what it means for employees.


Ways to improve wellness outcomes in 2019 and beyond

Corporate wellness is shifting towards data-driven, whole-person programming. We explain how employers can stay ahead.


Your next open enrollment meeting: how to engage and empower employees

In-person meetings are a great way to educate employees on what your company offers. How can HR expand their impact?


Compliance news ahead of 2019 renewals

We share the compliance updates employers and benefits consultants need to know.


Self-funded healthcare FAQs: Answers you need to make the shift

We're reviewing the most frequently asked questions employers have about a transition to self-funding, from financial risk to employee impact.


Ask these 8 questions of your pharmacy benefit manager

Having a trusted pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) can give you confidence that your investment is being managed properly.


Self-funded healthcare: 5 advantages for employers

We're taking a look at some of the biggest benefits of a self-funded approach.


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