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Direct Primary Care for Physicians

Return to patient-centered care with 75% smaller patient panels and no insurance hassles.

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Primary Care the way it should be

At Healthgram's Direct Primary Care clinics, each physician cares for about one-third of the number of patients compared to the typical "fee-for-service" model. Centered on the doctor/patient relationship, physicians are able to spend more time offering personalized care that's tailored to each individual's needs.

Lead the way in primary care delivery

  • Make an impact

    Get the time and resources needed to deliver primary care the way it was intended. No more appointment quotas, unrealistic patient panels or referral quota requirements.

  • Spend more time with patients

    We’ve removed ancillary functions like insurance, billing and collections to return focus to where it belongs: your patients. You’ll trade paperwork for deeper relationships that improve outcomes.

  • Practice Independently

    Free from the fee-for-service model, you get the time and resources you need to deliver primary care the way it was intended.

  • Simplify patient management

    Technology should make care smarter, not more complicated. Our electronic health record puts comprehensive, actionable information at your fingertips, meaning you can focus on patients.

  • Return to your passion

    Get back to what you were born to do: help patients. We manage operations, billing, marketing and employer agreements so you can focus on providing the best care.

"I was trying to find other options instead of being a doctor...Now, I have been given the ultimate gift of time. I have more time for my patients. I have more time for myself."

– Kate Long, MD, Independent Primary Care Physician

Hear why Kate Long, MD chose direct primary care

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Join our team of physicians

Join physicians across the U.S. in leading the future of primary care.

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