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Healthier employees, 20% lower healthcare costs

An integrated onsite clinic, health plan administration and custom wellness program helped this port authority achieve lower PEPY costs than the national average.

“When an employee comes in and is facing a health issue, I can help them out, knowing that Healthgram is there to help me.” - Ports authority benefits manager

The Outcome

  • 20% Decrease in PEPY Costs Over Three Years
  • 13% Improvement in Medication Adherence
  • 13% Increase in Preventive Cancer Screening Compliance

The Client

  • Industry: Engineering
  • Employees: 1,800+
  • Location: Georgia

The Challenge

A southeastern ports authority struggled with a healthcare plan that brought low transparency, poor communication, and out-of-control costs. Seeking to improve employee health and rein in spending, the benefits team turned to Healthgram.


The Solution

Solutions require close communication, so we began by working closely with the benefits team to learn their challenges and goals.


“I like having a dedicated team of people that cares about us, understands where we are, what we are doing, and where we want to go,” says the ports authority’s benefits manager.


Our team went to work auditing claims and optimizing the group’s plan through more detailed reviews and clinical case management. We also recognized that employees needed a wellness solution that included preventive screenings and management of chronic conditions. We worked with the client to instill wellness into company culture: an onsite medical clinic brought convenient care to employees, and clinicians created outreach plans to engage those who needed it most.

The new wellness program encouraged James, a ports authority employee, to go for an annual screening. James was healthy and had no symptoms, but that screening led to his diagnosis of prostate cancer.


“I’m sure that screening saved my life,” James says. “I had no symptoms and probably wouldn’t have until the cancer had spread.”


James worked with a Healthgram case manager who advised him on treatment options, supported him through surgery, and handled approvals and billing issues. James is now cancer-free.

James is just one of over 1,800 ports authority employees who now benefit from Healthgram’s wellness plan. The effects are cumulative: From 2015 to 2016, 96.5% of their members maintained or improved their A1c levels, while 87.7% maintained or improved their BMI.

Our integrated approach to plan administration and wellness doesn’t just improve employee health. It impacts the bottom line.


“Ultimately, we’re helping someone from having a large claim down the road,” says the ports authority’s benefits manager.


*Member name has been changed to protect member privacy.

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