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Stay Healthy as a Family

One of the greatest gifts you can provide for your family is to make a commitment to healthy living.  A healthy lifestyle is a learned behavior that becomes a habit—the kind of habit that increases longevity and quality of life by reducing risks for chronic lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.  In addition, those who eat properly, get enough exercise and are well rested are happier and tend to have more fulfilling relationships.  Here are some ways you can set your family on the right track.


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5 Steps Toward Becoming a Healthiest Employer

Last week, the Charlotte Business Journal announced the honorees for the 2014 Healthiest Employers of Charlotte.  In case you missed it, we proudly announced that we were awarded a #1 spot, recognizing our Healthy Lifestyle Bonus Program as an innovative and strategic example for companies looking to improve their wellness programs.  We often share with our clients and members the importance of developing healthy habits, but we rarely get the chance to show how we put these healthy initiatives to work within our own company.  So today, we’re sharing 5 essential steps to take your wellness program to the next level.

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FAQs on Employer Shared Responsibility (ESR)

The departments have issued final rules on the Employer Shared Responsibility.  The rules provide some transitional relief that is reflected in the updated ESR flowchart, followed by pertinent guidance that employers have been asking for regarding seasonal workers, adjunct faculty and other categories of employees for whom it is difficult to determine full-time status for purposes of the ESR. Read More »

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