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Health Plan Administration

When 4% of a company can account for 50% of its healthcare costs, it’s crucial to identify savings opportunities.

Get a financial analysis

Manage Cost

Find additional savings, even within your network, through claims analyses and cost comparisons.

Create Smart Consumers

Empower employees through personal and virtual advising to find high-value care.

Cut the Confusion

Deliver a seamless member experience that’s easy to navigate and makes benefits easier to understand.

Performance insights at your fingertips

Our software gives you transparency into every aspect of your plan’s performance. Predictive analytics and comprehensive health records make it easy to find savings opportunities and share every detail with you.

Healthgram Software

Partners in a comprehensive solution

Clinical outreach. Financial optimization. Claims auditing and analytics. Your dedicated Healthgram team handles every aspect of plan management. That means you get quick issue resolution and detailed plan administration that’s never outsourced, all powered by personal relationships.

Get a financial analysis

In-network costs for the same procedure can range by over 1000% for some patients. Which means so do yours.

Does your plan deliver savings beyond network discounts? Request a customized financial analysis to see exactly how much you could be spending – or saving – depending on your plan administration.