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Customized Clinics

An efficient onsite clinic can lower healthcare costs by 16% in just one year.

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Data-Driven Approach

Deliver high-impact care by identifying who needs it most.

Focus on Patients

Personalized care drives engagement and promotes better health.

Cost-Saving Referrals

When needed, clinicians guide patients to the highest-value care.

Onsite clinics powered by data you control

The industry’s most robust medical record makes personalized healthcare possible. Our software syncs all healthcare data into one user-friendly platform, helping clinicians deliver high-impact care in your onsite, near-site or shared medical clinic.

Healthgram Software

How it works

Lower costs. Improved productivity. Happy, healthy employees. We work with you on a customized onsite or near-site clinic strategy that delivers ongoing impact.

Get your clinic planning guide

$0 co-pays, no wait times, and as much time as employees need with their doctor. Is your company ready for a better healthcare experience?

Take the first step with a planning guide for your near-site or onsite health clinic. You’ll define goals and ensure vendor alignment with checklists, discussion questions and a sample ROI report.