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Employer Health Clinics

Customized onsite and near-site clinics help your employees get the right care when and where they need it.

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Clinic Planning Guide

A three-step research and planning guide for employers and consultants looking to implement or improve an onsite or near-site clinic for employees.

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Better care by design

Between long waits and shrinking appointment times, traditional healthcare isn’t keeping up with the needs of your workforce.

Healthgram’s onsite and near-site clinics return focus to what matters most: the wellbeing of your employees.

For Employers

Improve employee health with a physician-led clinic designed for your workforce.

For Physicians

Get back to patient-centered primary care with reduced patient panels and an alternative to the fee-for-service model.

For Consultants

Offer a differentiated benefit that introduces employers to the highest-quality healthcare delivery system.

Onsite Clinics

When businesses invest in the health of their employees, they are better prepared to overcome tomorrow’s challenges. Healthgram’s onsite clinics help companies manage risk, reduce costs and provide valuable benefits that maintain the strength of their workforce.

Direct Primary Care at Near-site Clinics

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is the practice of delivering high-quality, physician-led care independent of insurance. Healthgram’s employer sponsored DPC clinics are exclusive to employees of select businesses, providing immediate access to high value, personalized primary care at a convenient location.

Healthcare that's good for your business

Employer Health Clinics

Engaged Patients

A fundamentally better care experience promotes better employee health.

Employer Health Clinics

Smart Utilization

Employees with chronic conditions engage more than 5.3 times per year.

Employer Health Clinics

Managed Care

Physician-led clinics handle up to 95% of total patient care, reducing fragmentation and stress.

Employer Health Clinics

Lower Costs

Comprehensive care reduces claims, optimizes referrals and minimizes absenteeism.

The Healthgram Advantage

Backed by our proprietary EHR software, Healthgram clinics deliver the highest caliber of care while lowering healthcare costs for employers. Beyond the capabilities of traditional vendors, our ability to intervene, treat and direct care has a significant impact on healthcare costs.

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Is your company ready for a better healthcare experience?

Learn more by contacting a member of our team. We’ll discuss your goals and develop an onsite or near-site clinic strategy that elevates the health of your workforce.