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Setting actionable goals for your onsite health clinic

Before launching your clinic, learn how to define your company’s health and financial goals

Reduced healthcare costs, improved productivity, stronger recruitment. There are infinite ways to measure the success of employer onsite health clinics, and success looks different for every company. Before launching your clinic, define your company’s health and financial goals and use them to drive vendor evaluation and design custom clinic initiatives. Use these tips and a four-step approach:


Your team: Work with HR, finance, employees and benefits consultant

To align on long-term and company-wide goals, it’s important to align across departments. Work with your human resources and finance teams to take inventory of what matters most to them. By involving multiple perspectives, you’ll cover both the health and financial goals for your clinic.

Onsite health clinics can be a valuable addition to your existing health plan, with no need to change brokers. Involve your advisor in your goal-setting discussions so the vendor selection process is seamless and productive.


Take a four-step approach

Lean on your internal team. Bringing multiple perspectives to the table for discussion allows for holistic goal-setting. Ask your finance team what success looks like for them, possibly considering the average amount of lost productivity during an average doctor visit or high-cost claims trends.

Human resources can speak to the company’s goals for growth in today’s labor market, and perhaps set goals for employee engagement. HR can also discuss the importance and plan for using your onsite health clinic in the recruitment process to attract top talent. This is also a good time to discuss and decide which outcomes will be most important to share with your executive leadership team.


Poll your employees. Find out how they feel about their healthcare experience and benefits. A quick survey can help establish a baseline from which to measure your clinic’s impact. Questions to consider: How easy is it for them to access quality healthcare now? How much time do they typically spend away from work to go to the doctor? When they do go to the doctor, how often are all of their concerns and questions addressed?


Use your data. Work with your benefits advisor or carrier to discover gaps in care. Perhaps your workforce consistently skips recommended preventive screenings or uses the ER for non-emergencies – use this data to create goals and outreach plans for the clinic.


Think about both short-term and long-term success. Not all goals may be achieved in year one. A short-term goal may be to improve medication adherence among your employees with diabetes. A long-term goal may be to retain top talent and remain a competitive employer of choice in your industry. Be sure to have company executives aligned with long-term goals, and know how your short-term goals work to achieve them.


Possible goals for your onsite health clinic

Each workforce will come to different conclusions after going through these steps. However, common goals for employee clinics include:

  • Reducing your company’s overall healthcare costs
  • Reducing your company’s risk for catastrophic claims
  • Improving productivity and reduce time away from work
  • Recruit and retain top talent that gives you a competitive edge
  • Improve lab values of your workforce
  • Reduce emergency room admissions
  • Increase the percentage of members compliant with preventive screenings
  • Improve medication adherence among those diagnosed with a condition

Your team may also have goals for employee engagement, especially for highest-risk members. For reference, employees with chronic conditions visit Healthgram clinics an average of 5.3 times per year.


Sharing your goals with your onsite clinic vendor

Share these goals while evaluating onsite clinic vendors, and ensure they will be able to not only help you reach your goals, but provide updates and insights along the way. Be confident in their ability to customize initiatives that will accomplish the goals your team deems most important.


Take the next steps in determining your near-site or onsite clinic strategy with a printable planning guide. You’ll access checklists, vendor evaluation questions and a sample clinic ROI report.


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