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The five-mile shift that saved $21,301

Same procedure, same physician, different facility: proof that small adjustments can lead to big savings.

“The vast majority of members I speak with aren’t aware that prices can vary so much within their area. I was happy to help Pam make sense of it all.” - Healthgram Advisor

The Outcome

  • $21,301 saved by moving surgery facilities

The Challenge

When Pam needed a shoulder arthroscopy, she contacted her Healthgram advisor to help her select a provider. Pam found a facility near her, but she wanted to make sure it was her best option for quality and value. Previously, her advisor assisted Pam with benefits and billing questions, and Pam trusted her advisor to help her with this decision, too.

The Solution

To Pam’s surprise, the facility she considered for her shoulder arthroscopy had one of the highest prices in her area. Her advisor told her that prices for the procedure at seven nearby facilities ranged from $4,940 to $26,241. Pam learned that she could get the same shoulder arthroscopy by the same physician at a facility within five miles from her chosen facility, but at a much lower cost.

With her advisor’s help, Pam saved $21,301 for the plan by choosing another facility – even for the same physician and procedure as the more expensive facility. She even received a cash bonus for choosing a fair cost provider.


*Member names have been changed to protect employee privacy.

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