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Virtual Primary Care is Here to Stay

Virtual Primary Care made its greatest triumph during the COVID-19 pandemic, and people have begun to realize it’s not only beneficial during quarantine.

Even After the Pandemic

Virtual Primary Care made its greatest triumph during the COVID-19 pandemic, and people have begun to realize it’s not only beneficial during quarantine.

As an evolution of telehealth, Virtual Primary Care is the equivalent of visiting your primary care practice, but digitally. The power of technology gives patients accessible face time with their primary care provider, virtually via phone, tablet, or computer.

In one of our recent insights, we noted that employees often avoid seeking primary care due to multiple barriers such as costs, health insurance confusion, inconvenient access to a doctor, and limited time to visit a physician. However, “skipping the doctor” can bring a minor and manageable condition into an extremity, causing a decline in overall health and increased healthcare costs.

Studies have shown that continuity of care with a Primary Care Physician is associated with decreased hospital visits. Over 80% of patients with continuity of care associated with lower mortality rates. Making Primary Care more affordable and accessible to employees is a solution that can positively impact employers and their healthcare plan. That’s where Virtual Primary Care comes into play.

Virtual Primary Care was initially seen as a way for people to get urgent care occasionally. It is now viewed as a cost-effective, convenient way to develop a relationship with a Primary Care Physician who can care for a wider spectrum of health care needs. The amount of U.S. patients who have had at least one Virtual Primary Care visit has increased by 57% since the pandemic started and has continued to grow exponentially.

We understand the significance of easy access to Primary Care on employees’ overall health and employers’ healthcare plans. These days, it can be challenging for your employees to visit a doctor’s office, and virtual visits offer a safe and reliable way for your employees to access a physician – when and where they need it.


Healthgram’s Virtual Primary Care solution provides high-quality care with a dedicated doctor.


Key benefits include:

– No out-of-pocket costs

– No commute to the doctor’s office

– Unlimited visits

– Same-day or next-day appointments

– A dedicated doctor

– Comprehensive patient data through Healthgram’s proprietary EHR

– Fully integrated with Healthgram’s in-house care team

– Convenient access to virtual video conference


Virtual Primary Care is fully integrated with Healthgram’s in-house team of experts, clinicians, and technology to align with your company’s health plan and goals. Employees experience care that’s convenient, at no cost to them, and personalized to their needs. You can learn more about our Virtual Primary Care solution here.



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