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How Primary Care Impacts Chronic Conditions and Healthcare Costs for Employers

An analysis on how regular primary care visits with a doctor can make a significant impact on employees with chronic conditions.

Avoiding or delaying primary care can quickly turn a controllable condition into an emergency.


In today’s healthcare environment, employees often avoid seeking primary care due to multiple barriers such as costs, health insurance confusion, inconvenient access to a doctor, and limited time to visit a physician. In fact, 44% of Americans admit to “skipping the doctor” due to these issues and 50% do not even have a dedicated Primary Care physician1.

Avoiding or delaying primary care can quickly turn a controllable condition into an emergency. For employers, this means an increased risk of catastrophic claims and poor health outcomes for employees.

Over 86 percent of health care spending can be attributed to chronic disease2. Helping employees manage these conditions can drive significant savings. Studies have shown that a one percent annual reduction in the level of four health risks—weight, blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol—has been shown to save $83 to $103 annually in medical costs per person3.

We conducted an analysis on four of the top chronic conditions to see how regular wellness visits with a physician impacted emergency room (ER) visits, inpatient hospital stays and claims costs.



On average, regular wellness visits with a physician for those with the featured chronic conditions resulted in a 6% claims reduction, a 44% reduction in ER visits and a 20% reduction in inpatient hospital days, which can amount to significant health plan savings for employers.


Primary care is the lowest care investment with the greatest impact on the total cost of care.


Whether employees need long-term care for chronic conditions or are maintaining their current health status, regular primary care visits with a doctor make an impact on not only employee health outcomes, but also on the health plan costs for employers.

Healthgram’s Direct Primary Care clinics provide high-quality care for your workforce while improving your company’s bottom line by:

–  Reducing claims

–  Closing the gaps in employee healthcare

–  Actively managing or preventing chronic conditions

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