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A Prescription for Effective Employee Health Care

Discover why direct primary care is one of the fastest growing strategies employers are using to remedy ineffective and costly employee care.

Have you scheduled your next appointment with your doctor? Have you had an appointment with your doctor in the last 6-12 months? Do you currently have a doctor?

You may have answered ‘yes’ to these questions, but what about your employee population?

Studies show that there has been a sharp decline in the last decade of U.S. adults visiting primary care providers, whether healthy or sick. With skyrocketing healthcare costs and the decline in primary care visits, what can employers do to encourage and support the health of their employees?


Direct primary care (DPC) is one of the fastest growing strategies employers are using to combat these healthcare trends. Read on to learn what direct primary care is and why more employers are embracing it:

Direct primary care is the practice of delivering high-quality, physician-led care to employees independent of employer-sponsored insurance. Compared to traditional primary care, employers find direct primary care aligns best with top benefit strategies like promoting employee health and lowering health plan costs. Healthgram’s DPC model was created to enhance the relationship between our world-class primary care doctors and their patients. With DPC, physicians can return to patient-centered care with 75% smaller patient panels and no insurance hassles. We have found that when primary care physicians are able to spend more meaningful time with their patients and are given the resources they need to provide each patient with the highest levels of care, the overall healthcare experience is improved dramatically.  This results in:

– Fewer specialty visits

– Fewer ER visits

– Fewer surgeries

– And fewer hospitalizations

According to the Direct Primary Care Coalition, there are over 1,200 DPC practices nationwide offering care to over 300,000 Americans, through their employer. DPC’s popularity with employers is attributed to its streamlined approach to health care. Employers who adopt the direct primary care model often observe the following:


Increased control of their organization’s healthcare costs

DPC is the lowest care investment with the greatest impact on future healthcare spend and outcomes. The convenience of direct primary care allows your employees, especially those with chronic health conditions, to receive the care they need when they need it. As a result, employers who adopt DPC can drastically improve their bottom line by reducing costly claims and even achieving upwards of 40% in total healthcare savings.


Improved employee population health

Companies that give their employees access to a DPC practice remove practically all of the barriers that keep employees out of the doctor’s office (i.e. long wait times, out-of-pocket costs, surprise medical bills, etc.). With the accessibility of DPC, employees can conveniently seek out care from their dedicated doctor, reducing unnecessary illness and additional medical issues.


Increased retention and recruitment

The personalized healthcare experience that DPC provides offers employees a coveted health benefit. With unlimited access to their doctor, employees experience a deeper, more productive doctor-patient relationship that doesn’t typically exist in traditional primary care settings. Each Healthgram doctor is selected for their commitment to excellence and to ensure that each of their patients receives the highest levels of advanced primary care and chronic disease management. Our goal is to make sure our patients receive the best overall healthcare experience. The impact our physicians have on each of their patients’ lives is immeasurable. One patient recently wrote, “I feel like a new person. I am so grateful to my doctor for taking the time to understand me and help me get better…my diabetes is under the best control it has been in years and I owe it all to my doctor.”

Direct primary care is a powerful solution that addresses the shortcomings of the current healthcare landscape. DPC is personal, convenient, and makes employees and employers rethink their approach to healthcare.

Start a conversation with our clinic team today to learn more about Healthgram’s direct primary care solution.


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