health plan administration



The symptoms of an underperforming healthcare solution aren't as easy to spot as a climbing temperature or pesky cough. But when something's off, HR departments and executive teams are first to spot the signs. Can you identify with these common pain points?

It's no secret that healthcare can get complicated. But when facing a health issue or have questions about an unexpected bill, employees should always have somewhere to turn. Alleviate burden on your department by partnering with a vendor who can get them the answers they need quickly and easily. Ask employees about their experiences in the healthcare system, and know when their answers are cause for concern.
Healthcare costs are on the rise for both employers and employees, and a lack of price transparency is partially to blame. Costs for common procedures like a colonoscopy can range thousands of dollars from facility to facility within your ZIP code. Identifying these opportunities ahead of time saves money for your self-funded plan and helps employees save when the bill comes.
Preparing for surgery or facing a new diagnosis is overwhelming. Make it easy for employees to compare costs prior to procedures, coordinate care plans and get back to good health by providing one trusted resource.
Even after a discount is applied, prices for procedures vary drastically, leaving employers and employees to foot the bill. Tap into deeper savings with proactive strategies that identify and act upon every possibility to save. Ask what’s being done to manage costs beyond a network discount and your ability to directly access real-time data and monitor performance on-demand.