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Direct Primary Care for Employers

Healthgram clinics engage up to 95% of employees with chronic conditions, reducing risk for future health complications and claims.

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In this short webinar clip, Healthgram physicians discuss how Direct Primary Care is a leading strategy for employers to control healthcare costs.

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A proactive healthcare solution

Healthgram Direct Primary Care clinics make it possible for companies to offer concierge healthcare to their workforce.
Employee membership is 100% voluntary, with no out-of-pocket costs. Members receive one-on-one, personalized care at a convenient location. Direct Primary Care removes traditional healthcare roadblocks and helps companies save money
on primary, specialty and ER visit insurance claims.

A personalized healthcare experience

  • Unparalleled convenience

    Physician-led clinics offer no wait times, same-day appointments, unlimited consults and no co-pays.

  • Patient-first philosophy

    Clinics are independent of insurance, so physicians spend more time getting to know each patient and developing complete treatment plans.

  • A focus on prevention

    We make sure employees get the right care before an emergency arises.

  • Comprehensive primary care

    Patients receive the majority of total necessary care in Healthgram near-site clinics, meaning fewer referrals and less stress.

Improving the health of your employees

  • Better coordinated care

    Physicians guide employees through the healthcare system, finding the highest-value facility options within your health plan.

  • Improved health and productivity

    More accessible care encourages earlier intervention and keeps healthy employees at work.

  • A competitive benefit

    Nearly 80% of employees would choose additional benefits over a pay raise. An unmatched healthcare benefit keeps you ahead.

  • Lower healthcare costs

    In addition to reducing future large claims, companies can achieve 18% total healthcare savings.


Telemedicine gives employees the ability to meet with the doctor virtually to receive medical advice and treatment recommendations.

24/7/365 Access

Provide on-demand access to board-certified providers via video, phone or mobile app

Treat Health Issues

Doctors can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications
(if necessary) for common health issues

Control Costs

Prevent unnecessary ER and Urgent Care visits with a more cost-effective care option

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Lower costs, improved productivity, happy and healthy employees. Just a few ways direct primary care can benefit your workforce.

Get started by contacting a member of our team. We’ll work with you on a flexible, scalable and independent clinic strategy that delivers ongoing impact.