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How clinical data helped drive $1.8 million in savings

This growing company aimed to reduce healthcare costs with an onsite clinic. A powerful combination of data and personalized care helped them get there.

“The consolidation of medical, claims and lab data allows our onsite nurse practitioners to identify members with risk factors and get them into our clinic and referred as needed. ” - Director of Human Resources

The Outcome

  • 3.05:1 return on investment
  • $1.8 million in 2017 net cost savings
  • 96% total clinic engagement

The Client

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Employees: 1,800+
  • Location: North Carolina

The Challenge

As this manufacturing firm planned for growth, they were met with skyrocketing healthcare costs. To reverse the trend, they needed a data-driven clinic strategy to address their unique challenges.


The Solution

Healthgram software immediately put the company’s lab, medical and Rx claims data to work, discovering the majority of costs stemmed from unmanaged chronic conditions and emergency room misuse.

Armed with this information, clinicians identified and engaged patients diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions. Convenient access lowered the barrier for these members to receive the appropriate care.

To combat E.R. misuse, clinicians help employees find in-network providers when care exceeds the clinic scope, educate on proper emergency room utilization and consult on inpatient and outpatient care options.

As a result, the company’s healthcare spending trended significantly below average. By year four, costs dropped 28% below the U.S. average cost per member. Major contributing factors included the ability to tailor program outreach and reduce unnecessary emergency room visits, capabilities that were limited under their previous vendor.


“Prior to working with Healthgram, our clinic vendor never followed through on reporting or data collection to give us trustworthy annual comparative data,” a company executive noted.


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