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Trading one-size-fits-all wellness for a 69% increase in engagement

We helped this industrial services firm boost engagement and reach highest-risk members, turning their program into a trusted resource employees actually want to use.

“When an employee is able to connect with their health coach on a personal level, we find they are more likely to make those lasting behavior changes." - Laney Hooper, Lead Health Coach

The Outcome

  • 69% increase in participation
  • 156% increased engagement for employees with chronic conditions

The Client

  • Industry: Industrial Services
  • Employees: 736
  • Location: South Carolina

The Challenge

Employees at this industrial services firm were often confused by their wellness program requirements. Worse, some employees felt singled out for a health condition, further discouraging participation. Looking to build a program that earns the trust and improves the health of their population, they turned to Healthgram.

The Solution

Building trust starts with clear communication. We worked with the group to develop a strategy that would boost engagement, but would also be easy for employees to understand. Communication fit the company’s culture and met employees where they were.

We also restructured the group’s program to include three health coaching sessions regardless of risk level. Each session focused on the most important health issues to each individual – not one-size-fits-all programming. Cultivating these one-on-one relationships through personalized action plans quickly built a level of trust missing in previous programs. Meanwhile, tracking progress was easy for human resources in our online tool.

Ultimately, restructuring the group’s program to focus on personalization helped the group exceed their goals for engagement. Instead of simply completing the minimum of three required calls, the highest-risk employees engaged more often – participating in an average of 5.6 health coaching sessions.

Real-life Impact

The new program inspired Anne to make big lifestyle improvements. She worked with her health coach to lower her elevated cholesterol and A1C levels through diet and exercise. By the end of the year, all of Anne’s lab results returned to a healthy range. Most notably, Anne’s total cholesterol decreased from 212mg/dL to 192mg/dL, lowering her risk for heart disease or a heart attack.


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