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Navigating a diabetes diagnosis

After finding out he had diabetes, this member worked with his health coach to set and meet healthy goals.

“I realized this was something I couldn't ignore any longer.” - Lee, Healthgram member

The Outcome

  • A1C dropped from 7% to 6.5%, meeting PCP goals
  • Exercise and diet changes help manage future risk

The Challenge

When Lee found out he had diabetes, he became one of about 1.5 million Americans diagnosed with the condition each year. Left unmanaged, diabetes can result in serious and life-threatening complications. To help Lee understand and manage his diagnosis, our health coaching team stepped in.


The Solution

Lee’s health coach was there to answer questions, understand next steps and suggest lifestyle changes that could help. Lee shared his doctor’s goals with the health coach, and they worked together on a plan to meet them. Dietary changes were a top priority for Lee, but he also learned about the importance of checking his blood sugar and properly taking insulin.

Lee is now eating healthier, taking insulin as prescribed and checking blood sugars consistently. His A1C dropped from 7% to 6.5%, surpassing the goal his doctor had set for him, and continues working with his health coach.


*Name changed to protect member privacy.

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