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Employee advocacy in action

An upcoming MRI. A pharmacy snag. A life-changing diagnosis. Three stories of how personal care led to better outcomes and meaningful savings.

"Working with my Advisor has completely changed my view on healthcare. Everything is so much easier for me now." - Healthgram member

The Outcome

  • Jennifer saved over $2,300 through working with her Advisor
  • Steve was able to receive a 90-day supply of his prescription by mail and save money by switching brands
  • Jill got much-needed support from her advisor in the face of her husband's cancer diagnosis

Jennifer’s Story

When Jennifer learned she needed a Brain MRI, she made the procedure appointment through her doctor’s office. She was scheduled to have the MRI done at a local hospital that was going to charge her over $3,100.

When she called her Advisor to review her benefits prior to the procedure, she learned that she had been scheduled at one of the most expensive facilities in her area. Her Advisor informed her that an imaging center a few miles away from the hospital charged only $816 for the same MRI. Because Jennifer had a high-deductible health plan, she would be responsible for the cost difference out-of-pocket.

Through working with her Advisor, Jennifer saved over $2,300.

Steve’s Story

Steve, a college professor, was preparing to teach a semester in Spain when his prescription for a 90-day supply was denied by his pharmacy. In a time crunch, Steve turned to his Advisor for help. Steve’s Advisor contacted the pharmacy directly and helped to override theprescription so he was able to pick up his prescription prior to going abroad.

His Advisor also informed him that by switching to a different brand of his prescription, he would not only be able to receive a 90-day supply by mail, but he would also save money.

Steve couldn’t believe how helpful his Advisor was throughout the entire process, and obtained his prescription before the semester started.

Jill’s Story

Jill’s husband was recently diagnosed with cancer. Overwhelmed and confused, Jill called their Advisor for guidance on their next steps for treatment and the expenses of an upcoming surgery.

Jill’s Advisor walked through what to expect, and Jill began to feel some relief in understanding their covered benefits. When reviewing her husband’s upcoming surgery, her Advisor informed her that they could be overpaying by a few thousand dollars.

Together, they reviewed alternative facilities in their area and discovered that the same doctor could perform her husband’s surgery at a nearby facility for $2,000 less than their original estimate.

*Member names have been changed to protect employee privacy.

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