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Building heart health

After suffering a heart attack, this member reached out to our health coaching team for help investing in her own long-term health.

“After my heart attack, I knew I needed to make big changes, but I had no idea where to start. My health coach helped me regain control over my health.” - Health coaching participant

The Outcome

  • This member’s lifestyle changes made a big difference. Her cholesterol dropped from 222 to 167, within the normal range

The Challenge

When our member had a heart attack, she joined the 1.5 million people who suffer from one each year in the United States. For many, a heart attack is not a one-time occurrence: those who have a heart attack and don’t make lifestyle changes are more likely to suffer another one. In addition, they’re more likely than others to experience artery damage and even a stroke. This impacts their health and their bills: inpatient claims for a heart attack can total more than $50,000.


The Solution

After her heart attack, we introduced this member to our health coaching team for diet and exercise recommendations to build heart health. We learned that she had chronic knee pain and felt concerned about exercising because of it. Our coaches customized a low-impact cardio plan for her that she could enjoy and maintain despite her knee pain. Through a healthy diet and exercise, she could minimize her chances of a second heart attack.

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