health plan administration


We often hear from employers who are experiencing an influx of employee questions, skyrocketing costs and a lack of innovations from their plan administrators. 

A better approach to health benefits is possible. Take the first steps with our five-minute self audit.


A healthy workforce is a competitive workforce. Recruit and retain top talent with a health plan that earns the trust of employees. A plan that is accessible through one integrated system while protecting your bottom line. Ask employees about their experiences in the healthcare system, and know when their answers are cause for concern.
Providing employee benefits is essential to keeping your business competitive. It’s also a significant investment that demands constant and detailed oversight. At renewal, make sure the cause of any increases are clear and a direct result of health plan performance, not external factors.
Healthcare requires a team approach, often including coordination between case managers, health coaches, health advocates, nurse practitioners, and direct primary care physicians. Make it easy for employees to get back to good health by partnering with a vendor that integrates care seamlessly on one platform.
Instead of passing along costs to employees, arm them with tools to be part of the solution. In your administrator, ensure your employees have trusted resources that help them make cost-saving decisions with confidence.
Each aspect of your plan should be data-driven and customized to help you meet your business goals. As HR departments, benefits coordinators and executives assume a greater role in managing healthcare expenses, you must feel confident that you have all the information on hand to make smart decisions. Ask vendors about your ability to directly access real-time data and monitor performance on-demand.
Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization, and taking care of their healthcare needs is the most important role your vendors are tasked with. Customized action plans and meaningful intervention strategies are essential to getting help to those who need it most. Know that programs are protecting your employees and the bottom line by requiring unobstructed activity reporting. .
Even after a discount is applied, prices for procedures vary drastically, leaving employers to foot the bill. Tap into deeper savings with proactive strategies that identify and act upon every possibility to save. Ask what’s being done to manage costs beyond a network discount.
Avoid conflicts of interest with vendors by requiring transparent fee and commission structures. Understand how industry consolidations or rollups could affect your employees or bottom line. Ensure your vendors are independent stewards of your healthcare investment acting with your best interests in mind.
Don’t be caught off guard when a large claim is in the pipeline. Require that your team is alerted the minute a large claim arises.
Common administrator practices like auto-adjudication let savings opportunities slip through the cracks. Ensure your claims are expertly evaluated for other primary payers, and that negotiation options are fully explored.


We'll walk you through the audit and ways your company can improve health benefits.