About Healthgram


Managing employee healthcare is anything but a calm sea. Fewer choices, higher costs and fragmented solutions—it’s a perfect storm that threatens employers' most valuable asset: the health and wellbeing of their workforce. 


For employers finding themselves in the throes of this healthcare storm, we provide an alternative solution.


Healthgram protects the financial and clinical health of today's workforces through health plan administration, concierge member services, on-site clinics and proprietary software. 

An active health plan management approach discovers and acts upon every savings opportunity, resulting in book of business PEPY costs 20% below the national average.  Knowing that rising costs are top of mind for both employees and employers, Healthgram programs create healthier and more informed consumers, turning the confusing healthcare system into the engaging experience employees deserve. 

As a result, members make smart care decisions with confidence, plan sponsors protect their investment and workforces thrive.

We're here to help craft the best solution for your business. Tell us a little more about your needs and we'll get back to you fast.