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Too much is left to chance when employees aren’t engaged in their healthcare. Employers overpay, employees get lost in the complicated healthcare system, internal staff is burdened and health outcomes suffer. 

healthconnect aligns every member with a personal health Advisor, who resolves all insurance issues, provides meaningful outreach and promotes smart consumerism. Instead of leaving employees to navigate the system on their own, Advisors provide support and guidance at every stage. 

Using predictive software that anticipates employee healthcare needs, like a surgery or overdue preventive care, Advisors provide seamless care coordination that seeks out and encourages utilization of the most competitive pricing within your network. 





  • "This is the first insurance company that is hands on. Other companies are difficult to get in touch with- but not Healthgram."

  • I am so grateful for the detailed and personalized email from my Advisor explaining my benefits. That really made things easier for me.

  • "I am so grateful for my Advisor. He called my pharmacy for me and was even available to speak to my doctor. He went above and beyond to make sure I received the best care."

  • "When I found out I needed a CT scan, I called my Advisor to see what my options were. She helped me find a facility that not only saved me money, but I received a reward for going there."


employee health benefits software


Employees have their questions answered quickly by their Advisor each time they call. With extensive knowledge of your unique health plan, Advisors help employees make smart healthcare choices based on quality and cost. 

healthconnect Advisors:

  • Resolve all eligibility, health plan and claims issues
  • Provide outreach to employees heading to high-cost providers
  • Proactively identify emerging and current health issues
  • Direct care to low cost, high value facilities 
  • Educate on employee benefits and options
  • Coordinate care with third parties on behalf of employees
  • Continuously discover savings opportunities 


Save on costs beyond a network discount.

Prices for medical procedures range in a single zip code by over 1000%. That means that on top of recovering from a surgery, employees also take on the burden of inflated costs while employers foot the over-inflated bill.

Rather than relying on non-competitive discounts to treat a symptom, our Advisors address the problem head on with care coordination that seeks out and encourages utilization of the most competitive pricing within your network.
Build trust and actively engage members.

Members recognize that healthconnect is different from the moment of their first interaction. They are greeted by name by their Advisor, who will be their individual go-to contact each time they call.

Our integrated software powers the Advisor dashboard, which allows Advisors to pick up on previous conversations seamlessly. Armed with up-to-the-minute claims information and lab data, healthconnect delivers the kind of care employees deserve.
Provide proactive outreach before care is rendered.

We’re not fans of waiting until a health event occurs to jump into action. That’s why our Advisors act upon every opportunity to optimize health and financial outcomes.

We reach out to employees proactively when they are heading to providers who overcharge for shoppable procedures. We let them know how their Advisor can help, how they can save on costs and even how to earn cash rewards. Throughout the process, employees learn more about their benefit options and are supported every step of the way.
Empower smart healthcare consumers.

54% of U.S. employees avoid involvement in their benefits because they believe it is “too daunting”. With healthconnect, members become active players in their care.

Over time, the smart combination of integrated data, member engagement and a trusted relationship creates a population of consumers who feel empowered to regain control. An added benefit? No longer overwhelmed with benefits questions, your HR staff can return to recruiting and maintaining the strength of your workforce while our Advisors do the rest.

See it in action:

Download the case study to hear from one member who, thanks to his Advisor, was able to have his surgery performed by the same doctor in a facility that saved over $20,000. 


  • Advisor was alerted that a member was precertified for ACL surgery at a high-cost facility

  • The Advisor discovered an outpatient facility five miles away where the same doctor could perform the surgery, and discussed this option with the member

  • The member received the appropriate care and the Plan saved over $20,000 while the member saved on out-of-pocket costs 

  • His experience traveled through word of mouth, and paid off when a co-worker called her Advisor before scheduling a hip replacement

healthcare concierge service