Software for Onsite Medical Clinics

A proprietary electronic health record built to help employers improve care and lower costs 






We believe that data, just like the multiple aspects of a person’s health, works better together. We've built a robust software system that allows employers, advisors and organizations to to run powerful population health management and on-site medical clinic initiatives. It is the only software that connects you, your employees and care providers on one platform. 




Our proprietary software aggregates data from multiple sources to identify your most-at risk members or subsets that could benefit from strategic outreach. We reach out before care is delivered to maximize impact.
Don't rely on one-size-fits-all programs. After we identify risk, Healthgram prescribes care action plans at the individual and population level. With a focus on the highest risk subsets, outreach is strategic, meaningful and results in true behavior change.
Built with clinician ease-of-use in mind, Healthgram powers on-site and near-site clinics resulting in an average ROI of 2:1. With all data on hand, clinicians deliver a better care experience and make an impact on those most in need of care.
From healthconnect, our one-on-one Advisor service, to proactive care alerts, Healthgram makes smart consumerism a reality. Our members access the data they need on-the-go, and can even track their own goals through their wearable devices.





Software for Onsite Medical Clinics

Software for Onsite Medical Clinics



  • 360º predictive risk analysis
    Every available data source, from medical claims to prescription data, works together to give employers a comprehensive view of their population's risk.  By aggregating data into one easy-to-navigate medical record, we predict potential health crises and prescribe actionable plans for intervention. 
  • Robust Electronic Health Record interface
    Built for clinicians, by clinicians, Healthgram's user-friendly interface allows us to reach members in greatest need of outreach without losing a personal touch. With up-to-the-minute data at their fingertips, our clinicians, nurse practitioners, case managers and health coaches deliver a personalized experience based on a complete view of an employee's health. 
  • Real-time encounter tracking and reporting
    Healthgram reports are easy to understand and actionable. Quickly identify trends and opportunities, as well as see where we are having the most impact on cost and health outcomes.
  • “We are able to see everyone's screening results which helps us identify high risk individuals. Specifically, this screening data allowed us to intervene with an employee who had abnormal labs but no formal diagnosis yet.”

    Software for Onsite Medical Clinics On-site nurse practitioner 
  • “Healthgram data allowed me to see an individual who was misusing the ER for chronic pain. Since those visits are expensive, it was important for us to step in.”

    Software for Onsite Medical Clinics Healthgram user and clinician
  • “There have been multiple instances where we have used Healthgram data reports to contact individuals who have one or more chronic condition, or risk factors including elevated BMI, Blood Pressure of glucose to get them enrolled in Disease Management”

    Software for Onsite Medical Clinics On-site Nurse Practitioner 



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